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Jemma Hopewell

BSc (Hons) MSc PhD (Cantab) FESC

Professor of Precision Medicine & Epidemiology

  • British Heart Foundation IBSR Fellow
  • MSc in Global Health Science Module Lead: Genetic Epidemiology
  • EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Health Data Science Module Lead: Genetics
  • Visiting Professor, Department of Human Genetics, McGill University

Interests: Cardiovascular Disease, Genetic Epidemiology, Pharmacogenetics, Clinical Trials

Professor Jemma Hopewell leads a team of genetic epidemiologists, clinical fellows, medical statisticians and bioinformaticians in a programme of research focusing on the use of genetic and clinical trial-based studies to investigate the causes and treatments for cardiovascular disease and arrhythmias. She has particular interests in determining predictors of patient response to therapy, using genetics to improve our understanding of drug targets and disease mechanisms, and genomic characterisation of vascular disease and its risk factors, particularly Lp(a).

Jemma leads and collaborates on numerous projects involving CTSU's vascular mega-trials (e.g. HPS, SEARCH, THRIVE, REVEAL), large-scale studies and biobanks (e.g. PROCARDIS, UK Biobank), and international consortia (e.g. METASTROKE, CARDIoGRAMplusC4D, GoLEAD, CATCH-ME). She is a member of the Lp(a) Foundation Scientific Advisory Board, of various clinical trial and genetic study Steering and Analysis Committees, and is currently the Chair of METASTROKE (a collaboration of the International Stroke Genetics Consortium), as well as co-ordinating the MSc in Global Health Science Genetic Epidemiology module.

Hopewell Group - Current Members

  • Research Staff

Federico Murgia, Bioinformatician

Dr Alex Stiby, Senior Genetic Epidemiologist & Statistical Programmer

Dr Elsa Valdes-Marquez, Senior Medical Statistician

Adam Von Ende, Medical Statistician

  • DPhil Students

Dr Christian Camm,  British Heart Foundation Clinical Research Training Fellow

Dr Parag Gajendragadkar, British Heart Foundation Clinical Research Training Fellow

Katerina Lind

  • Administration

Sam Smith, Personal Assistant