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NHS COVID-19 app saved estimated 10,000 lives in its first year, research finds

A team of experts at the Pandemic Sciences Institute and the Big Data Institute at the University of Oxford, and the Department of Statistics at the University of Warwick, estimate that the NHS COVID-19 app prevented around 1 million cases, 44,000 hospitalisations and 9,600 deaths during its first year.

The ‘ultimate Tree of Life’: 2.2 million species at your fingertips

BDI researcher Yan Wong has helped complete an online, readily searchable ‘family tree’ for all living species on earth

New genetic study indicates that obesity may directly cause a range of female reproductive disorders

A genetic analysis led by BDI researchers indicates that both overall and central obesity directly increases the risk of many female reproductive conditions.

New study demonstrates the true scale of global antibiotic usage, and highlights inequalities in access

Antibiotic consumption rates grew by 46 % after 2000, yet many areas still struggle to access treatments

Big data, small footprint

How the Big Data Institute Green Team are working to minimise their impact on the environment.

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