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Apolipoprotein Proteomics for Residual Lipid-Related Risk in Coronary Heart Disease.

Journal article

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Stroke genetics informs drug discovery and risk prediction across ancestries.

Journal article

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Effect of statin therapy on muscle symptoms: an individual participant data meta-analysis of large-scale, randomised, double-blind trials.

Journal article

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Multiplexed apolipoprotein profiling advances the assessment of residual lipid-related cardiovascular risk

Conference paper

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Multi-phenotype analyses of hemostatic traits with cardiovascular events reveal novel genetic associations.

Journal article

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Long-term safety and efficacy of anacetrapib in patients with atherosclerotic vascular disease.

Journal article

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Conference paper

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The impact of atrial fibrillation and stroke risk factors on left atrial blood flow characteristics.

Journal article

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Genome-Wide Association Study of Peripheral Artery Disease.

Journal article

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Impact of ACLY on type 2 diabetes in UK Biobank: a Mendelian randomisation study

Conference paper

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Impact of adverse events on quality of life and hospital costs in secondary cardiovascular disease prevention


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Independent effects of adiposity measures on risk of atrial fibrillation in men and women: A study of 0.5M individuals

Journal article

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