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There is a great deal of excitement and controversy in the potential of machine learning and artificial intelligence applied to healthcare.   Will ML/AI cure cancer? Will it replace doctors? In this talk, I'll discuss some of the real world applications of such technologies and go into some depth on two particular areas: stratification of patients at risk of developing lung cancer and management of patients with chronic back pain. Both will be based around medical imaging and I'll discuss what ML/AI can provide beyond what has been possible to date and its impact on the role of clinicians.

Timor Kadir graduated with an MEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Surrey University in 1996 and studied for a DPhil at University of Oxford under Sir Michael Brady. He joined CTI/Siemens as a Research Scientist working on computer vision software and in 2009, during a management buy-out, Timor became CTO for Mirada Medical. Most recently, he founded Optellum, a company delivering machine learning based clinical risk stratification. He is currently the CTO of Optellum and visiting fellow at Oxford.  He’s published a reasonable number of papers, filed a bunch of patents and his h-index isn’t bad either.