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The translation of genomic medicine from basic research into medical practice involves partnership of public sector and private companies. Recent empirical research demonstrates that public attitudes towards commercial interests in healthcare are, at best, hesitant. Importantly these attitudes involve significant ethical and conceptual claims and presuppositions about the ethics of markets and the relationship between markets and other areas of value, specifically health and health care.

The Centre for Personalised Medicine and the Ethox Centre of the University of Oxford are hosting a conference that will explore how a publicly funded healthcare system can optimise partnerships with the commercial sector in using data to improve patient outcomes, whilst maintaining its central principles of patient care.

The event will be introduced by Peter Donnelly (Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, University of Oxford).

Confirmed speakers include Adrian Walsh (School of Humanities, University of New England, Australia), Natalie Banner (Wellcome Trust), Steve Sturdy (School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh), Mark Bale (Genomics England), Sir Rory Collins (UK Biobank) and Gil McVean (Big Data Institute, University of Oxford).

Please register here. Registration fee: £100 (students: £50). Student bursaries are available. Please contact by Friday 6 June for more information prior to registration.