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The University of Oxford has a world-class reputation in the underpinning technologies of healthcare data science. The Departments of Computer Science, Statistics and Engineering Science support this centre. Building on the combined expertise in genetics and medical imaging we aim to build breakthrough technologies that will impact health care delivery. 

To ensure that the challenges are at the cutting edge of health research, students will undertake their projects in collaboration with leading health researchers. For example, we work with research leaders in: 

  • Imaging: developing automated quantitative methods for extracting phenotypes from raw medical imaging data and assessing their relationship to genomic markers and neurocognitive consequences. 
  • Genomics: using genomic, immune profile, digital pathology, and other laboratory data to investigate the molecular basis of complex traits (such as obesity, diabetes), rare inherited disorders, and cancer. 
  • Sensors: developing machine learning approaches to signal processing and data fusion to enable interpretation of sensor data from wearables and in-hospital applications 

and in the areas of infectious disease, population health, and research ethics.  

Our approach combines academic training with industry-initiated projects. We are partners with leading technology companies and the pharmaceutical industry to offer a broad spectrum of projects in this space.