DPHIL vacancies for admission in october 2018

The DPhil projects available at the Big Data Institute are currently administered by either the Nuffield Department of Population Health (NDPH) or the Nuffield Department of Medicine (NDM).

examples of bdi dphil vacancies for 2018

Analysis of big electronic health record data on dementia and cerebrovascular disease to investigate associations with brain atrophy

Supervisors: Sarah Parish, Matthew Arnold

Assessment of alternative electronic survey platforms on data quality in health research

Supervisors: Alan Young, Crispin Jenkinson and David Morley

Brain signatures of diabetes in UK Biobank

Supervisors: Sarah Parish, Verena Heise

Ethical and social professional responsibilities in prenatal genomics

Supervisors: Ruth Horn, Angeliki Kerasidou, Nina Hallowell, Michael Parker

Genetic and genomic investigations of diseases and risk factors such as: stroke; smoking and lung function; metabolomics; food preference and diet; infection and immunity

Supervisors: Robin Walters, Cecilia Lindgren

Objectively measuring physical activity and its health consequences

Supervisors: Aiden Doherty, Derrick Bennett, Cecilia Lindgren

The ethical landscape of home care practice, management, and funding

Supervisors: Michael Dunn, Ruth Horn

Genomic analysis of reproductive health in Chinese populations

Supervisors: Iona Millwood, Ling Yang, Robin Walters

Genetic determinants of mental health and well-being in Chinese adults

Supervisors: Robin Walters,Christiana Kartsonaki, Yiping Chen, Iona Millwood,

Genomic analysis of Chinese populations: population structure, admixture and natural selection

Supervisors: Augustine Kong, Robin Walters

Capture of cognitive status and follow-up on hand-held devices in large scale clinical trials

Supervisors: Michael lay, Sarah Parish, Marion Mafham