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Spatial confidence sets for raw effect size images.

Journal article

Bowring A. et al, (2019), NeuroImage, 203

Exploring the impact of analysis software on task fMRI results.

Journal article

Bowring A. et al, (2019), Human brain mapping, 40, 3362 - 3384

Towards Algorithmic Analytics for Large-scale Datasets.

Journal article

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Structural Variability in the Human Brain Reflects Fine-Grained Functional Architecture at the Population Level.

Journal article

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Effective degrees of freedom of the Pearson's correlation coefficient under autocorrelation.

Journal article

Afyouni S. et al, (2019), NeuroImage, 199, 609 - 625

Spatial Confidence Sets for Raw Effect Size Images

Journal article

Bowring A. et al, (2019)

Cluster failure revisited: Impact of first level design and physiological noise on cluster false positive rates.

Journal article

Eklund A. et al, (2019), Human brain mapping, 40, 2017 - 2032

Genomic kinship construction to enhance genetic analyses in the human connectome project data.

Journal article

Kochunov P. et al, (2019), Human brain mapping, 40, 1677 - 1688

Reply to Chen et al.: Parametric methods for cluster inference perform worse for two-sided t-tests.


Eklund A. et al, (2019), Human brain mapping, 40, 1689 - 1691

Stable between-subject statistical inference from unstable within-subject functional connectivity estimates.

Journal article

Vidaurre D. et al, (2019), Human brain mapping, 40, 1234 - 1243

A group analysis using the Multiregression Dynamic Models for fMRI networked time series.

Journal article

Costa L. et al, (2019), Journal of statistical planning and inference, 198, 43 - 61

Accelerated estimation and permutation inference for ACE modeling

Journal article

Chen X. et al, (2019), Human Brain Mapping

Bayesian log-Gaussian Cox process regression: applications to meta-analysis of neuroimaging working memory studies

Journal article

Samartsidis P. et al, (2019), Journal of the Royal Statistical Society. Series C: Applied Statistics, 68, 217 - 234

Comparison of heritability estimates on resting state fMRI connectivity phenotypes using the ENIGMA analysis pipeline.

Journal article

Adhikari BM. et al, (2018), Human brain mapping, 39, 4893 - 4902

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