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Phenotype discovery from population brain imaging.

Journal article

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The Developing Human Connectome Project: typical and disrupted perinatal functional connectivity.

Journal article

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Brain pathology recapitulates physiology: A network meta-analysis.

Journal article

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Multimodal Imaging Brain Markers in Early Adolescence Are Linked with a Physically Active Lifestyle.

Journal article

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The NonHuman Primate Neuroimaging & Neuroanatomy Project.

Journal article

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Behavioural relevance of spontaneous, transient brain network interactions in fMRI

Journal article

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Confound modelling in UK Biobank brain imaging.

Journal article

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Learning patterns of the ageing brain in MRI using deep convolutional networks.

Journal article

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Relationships between retinal layer thickness and brain volumes in the UK Biobank cohort.

Journal article

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Can genetic determinants of brain structure be detected soon after birth?


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Challenges and future directions for representations of functional brain organization.

Journal article

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Accurate brain age prediction with lightweight deep neural networks.

Journal article

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Discovering correlates of age-related decline in a healthy late-midlife male birth cohort.

Journal article

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