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High-throughput mouse phenomics for characterizing mammalian gene function.

Journal article

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Multiscale Blind Source Separation

Journal article

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Principles of Experimental Design for Big Data Analysis.

Journal article

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Assigning a value to a power likelihood in a general Bayesian model

Journal article

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Encrypted accelerated least squares regression

Journal article

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A note on statistical repeatability and study design for high-throughput assays.

Journal article

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Bayesian boolean matrix factorisation

Conference paper

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A general framework for updating belief distributions.

Journal article

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Scalable Bayesian nonparametric regression via a Plackett-Luce model for conditional ranks.

Journal article

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Statistical Inference in Hidden Markov Models Using k-Segment Constraints

Journal article

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Rejoinder: Approximate models and robust decisions

Journal article

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