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Step counting from smart-phones allows a wide range of applications related to fitness and health. Estimating steps from phones' accelerometers is challenging because of the multitude of ways a smart-phone can be carried. We focus our work on the windowed peak detection algorithm, which has previously been shown to be accurate and efficient and thus suitable for mobile devices. We explore and optimise further the algorithm and its parameters making use of data collected by three volunteers holding the phone in six different positions. In order to simplify the analysis of the data, we also built a novel device for the detection of the ground truth steps. Over the collected data set, the algorithm reaches 95% average accuracy. We implemented the algorithm for the Android OS and released it as an open source project. A separate dataset was collected with the algorithm running on the smart-phone for further validation. The validation confirms the accuracy of the algorithm in real-time conditions.

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Conference paper

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4423 - 4427