The European PARTNER project developed a prototypical system for sharing hadron therapy data. This system allows doctors and patients to record and report treatment-related events during and after hadron therapy. It presents doctors and statisticians with an integrated view of adverse events across institutions, using open-source components for data federation, semantics, and analysis. There is a particular emphasis upon semantic consistency, achieved through intelligent, annotated form designs. The system as presented is ready for use in a clinical setting, and amenable to further customization. The essential contribution of the work reported here lies in the novel data integration and reporting methods, as well as the approach to software sustainability achieved through the use of community-supported open-source components.

Original publication




Journal article


J Radiat Res

Publication Date



54 Suppl 1


i56 - i60


cancer informatics, data federation, eHealth, hadron therapy, proton therapy, web portal, Access to Information, Algorithms, Databases, Factual, Europe, Humans, Information Dissemination, Interdisciplinary Communication, Medical Informatics, Proton Therapy, Software