The internet is becoming increasingly important in health care practice. The number of health-related web sites is rising exponentially as people seek health-related information and services to supplement traditional sources, such as their local doctor, friends, or family. The development of e-medicine poses important ethical challenges, both for health professionals and for those who provide clinical ethics support for them. This paper describes some of these challenges and explores some of the ways in which those who provide clinical ethics support might respond creatively to them. By offering ways of responding to such challenges, both electronically and face-to-face, the providers of clinical ethics support can show themselves to be an indispensable part of good quality health care provision.


Journal article


J Med Ethics

Publication Date



27 Suppl 1


i33 - i35


Bioethics and Professional Ethics, Health Care and Public Health, Professional Patient Relationship, Access to Information, Advertising as Topic, Communication, Community Participation, Ethics Committees, Clinical, Ethics, Clinical, Health Services Accessibility, Humans, Information Services, Inservice Training, Internet, State Medicine, United Kingdom