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© 2020 IEEE. The study of protein transport in living cell requires automated techniques to capture and quantify dynamics of the protein packaged into secretory vesicles. The movement of the vesicles is not consistent along the trajectory, therefore the quantitative study of their dynamics requires trajectories segmentation. This paper explores quantification of such vesicle dynamics and introduces a novel 1D U-Net based trajectory segmentation. Unlike existing mean squared displacement based methods, our proposed framework is not restricted under the requirement of long trajectories for effective segmentation. Moreover, as our approach provides segmentation within each sliding window, it enables effectively capture even short segments. The approach is quantified by the data acquired from spinning disk microscopy imaging of protein trafficking in Drosophila epithelial cells. The extracted trajectories have lengths ranging from 5 (short tracks) to 135 (long tracks) points. The proposed approach achieves 77.7% accuracy for the trajectory segmentation.

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891 - 894