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The University of Oxford’s Big Data Institute announced today that it has entered into a strategic collaboration with Janssen Biotech, Inc., one of the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson. Through the collaboration, the Big Data Institute will appoint research fellows to work alongside Janssen scientists to accelerate the use of human genetic data to understand how genetic variations can affect the ways in which diseases develop and unmask links between different diseases. The agreement was facilitated by Johnson & Johnson Innovation.

This collaboration with the Big Data Institute, a world-leading institution with expertise in interpreting large population-based genetic datasets, will initially focus on inflammatory disorders, neuroscience and fundamental analytics in population datasets.

Professor Martin Landray, Director of the Big Data Institute said ‘The Big Data Institute brings together multidisciplinary clinical and technical teams, large-scale biobanks, and world-leading computational facilities to drive forward advances in medicine. Collaboration is at the heart of everything that we do. This new collaboration with Janssen will enable us to combine expertise from within the institute with the skill and knowledge in Janssen’s research team, allowing new genetic discoveries to be translated to treatments that will improve the health of patients.’