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Novartis and the Big Data Institute to establish world-leading research alliance using artificial intelligence to understand complex diseases and improve drug development.

Novartis today announced a five-year collaboration with the Big Data Institute (BDI) to establish a world-leading research alliance that will improve drug development by making it more efficient and more targeted.  Using artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics, the partners expect to transform how ultra large and multiple datasets are analysed, combined and interpreted to identify early predictors of patient responses to treatments for inflammatory diseases, such as multiple sclerosis (MS) and psoriasis.

  • Unique five-year alliance established between industry and academia to advance the analysis and interpretation of ultra large and multiple datasets, using cutting edge technology including artificial intelligence machine learning
  • These technologies have the ability to spot disease patterns and signals much earlier in their manifestation, translating more quickly into methods that will support clinical decision making
  • The alliance will be transformative for how Novartis adopts data science at scale from multiple data sources, beginning with flagship programs in multiple sclerosis, dermatology and rheumatology

The Medical Research Council Harwell Institute will play a key role by contributing their expertise in informatics and carrying out data wrangling, which is the process of converting and mapping data from its raw form into a format more useful for the task. The University's Department of Statistics is also providing expertise in statistical machine learning.