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Sensyne Health and the University of Oxford’s Big Data Institute to establish world-leading research alliance using data science and clinical AI for the patient-centred management and treatment of chronic disease

The Big Data Institute and Sensyne Health have today announced a three-year alliance to advance the analysis and interpretation of NHS datasets. These datasets, in chronic kidney disease and cardiovascular disease, will be analysed using clinical artificial intelligence that will be used to improve care and accelerate the discovery and evelopment of new medicines.

The research will focus on two major elements to derive new datasets that capture vital information from patient-clinician consultations during long-term management of chronic disease. This work will facilitate the use of clinical AI to understand the complexities of chronic disease and hence derive insights to accelerate drug discovery & development and improve pathways of patient care.

In addition, the alliance will explore the clinical associations and consequences of diurnal changes in blood pressure; extending Sensyne’s in-house project which identified nocturnal surges in blood pressure in a sub-set of hospital inpatients.

Alongside this, the alliance will foster the development of an effective R&D and commercialisation pathway between the two organisations and a growing network of collaborating NHS Trusts. Under Sensyne’s unique business model the commercial value created from the research will be shared with the participating NHS Trusts and the University of Oxford via a shared equity ownership in Sensyne Health and a shared royalty on revenues.

Research will be undertaken to the highest standards of information governance and data security in accordance with NHS principles and data protection legislation.

The alliance will also draw on the expertise of researchers in the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Oxford in developing technology for collecting clinical-grade healthcare data at scale.