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Naomi Allen

BSc, MSc, DPhil

Associate Professor in Epidemiology, UK Biobank, Nuffield Department of Population Health

Naomi Allen is an Associate Professor in Epidemiology and Senior Epidemiologist for UK Biobank. She is responsible for co-ordinating the linkage of routine electronic medical records into the study for long-term follow-up (including deaths, cancers, primary and secondary care data as well as other health-related datasets). She helps to co-ordinate the introduction of new enhancements into the resource (such as the development of web-based questionnaires and proposals for cohort-wide biomarker assays) and provides scientific advice to researchers worldwide wishing to access UK Biobank.

Her research interests are in cancer epidemiology; she is co-Principal Investigation of the Endogenous Hormones and Prostate Cancer Collaborative Group, with a keen research interest in the role of diet, hormones and circulating biomarkers in cancer development.

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