Matthew Hall

Matthew Hall

Research Associate, Nuffield Department of Medicine

I am a researcher in pathogen phylodynamics, with a particular interest in inference of who infected who. I am also interested in investigating the effects of sampling bias in molecular epidemiological studies. I obtained my PhD in 2015 at the University of Edinburgh under Professor Mark Woolhouse and Professor Andrew Rambaut. I currently work at the BDI with Professor Christophe Fraser on the BEEHIVE project, focussing on the reconstruction of transmission patterns within a very large and rich dataset of next-generation HIV sequences.


Software in which I have a hand:

Phyloscanner (construction of phylogenies and investigation of transmission in large genetic datasets)

BEASTLIER (simultaneous phylogeny and transmission tree reconstruction within BEAST)

TTsampler (an R package for enumeration and uniform sampling of transmission trees for a fixed phylogeny)

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