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Dr Lucy Wright

Dr Lucy Wright

Lucy Wright

BN DPhil

Senior Epidemiologist, Unit of Health Care Epidemiology

Lucy Wright is a senior epidemiologist and joined the Unit of Health Care Epidemiology as a team leader in 2018. She has an Oxford DPhil in clinical cardiovascular epidemiology, and an undergraduate degree in nursing from Dalhousie University, Canada. Lucy’s clinical and research backgrounds are both in cardiovascular disease, and include over 10 years in general practice research. From 2008-2018, Lucy was a post-doctoral research scientist and then cardiovascular epidemiologist on the Million Women Study in the Cancer Epidemiology Unit, Nuffield Department of Population Health. While there, she had lead roles in several methodological and cardiovascular epidemiology projects using linked hospital and mortality records, most recently focusing on stroke. She also collaborated with the Unit of Health Care Epidemiology on several coronary disease studies during this time. 

Lucy is the Oxford lead for several international studies using data held by the Unit of Health Care Epidemiology. Since 2015, she has been instrumental in the successful and ongoing collaboration with the University of Western Australia comparing coronary disease epidemiology in Australia and England. Lucy has also been the national lead since 2018 for a four-country comparison of the determinants of decreasing mortality rates in cardiovascular diseases (including myocardial infarction and stroke) between 2002-15 using data from England, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Lucy is closely involved in teaching, as a supervisor for MSc and DPhil students investigating coronary disease epidemiology, patterns of cardiovascular risk factors and multimorbidity.