Dr Lucie Abeler-Dorner

Dr Lucie Abeler-Dorner

Lucie Abeler-Dörner


Scientific Manager, Nuffield Department of Medicine

Having joined Christophe’s team as a scientific manager in November 2017, my current focus is to get the Pangea-2 consortium up and running.

My background is in immunology. After a PhD and a postdoc, I spent five years project-managing the Immunity and Infection Immunophenotyping consortium (3i), an open access consortium analysing over 500 knockout strains with a focus on immunological phenotypes observed in the steady state and under challenge.

My interests include systemic and tissue-specific immune regulation and computational approaches to immunological and virological "big data". I enjoy finding creative solutions for complex problems, juggling a diverse set of tasks, learning new things, getting the best out of every team member and discussing science with expert and non-expert audiences.