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Katarina Vukosavljevic

DPhil Student

Before I joined the Big Data Institute, I completed an MEng in Engineering Science here at the University of Oxford. During my degree, I've chosen Biomedical Engineering and Machine Learning modules, and had the chance to explore some parts of Health Data Science. I have also gained some experience in other areas as ASR, Computer Vision, and Software Engineering, through internships in academia and industry, but had become most curious about applying AI to healthcare. Hence, for my bachelor thesis, my team looked at designing a solution for the detection and treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Then, in my final year, I worked with Oxford Martin School's AGENDA team on designing a preliminary screening tool for epilepsy. I focused on developing a neural network for IED detection to aid the epilepsy diagnostic process in low- and middle-income countries.

Now, as a CDT student, I am very excited to dive into various areas of Health Data Science, and I am especially keen on researching and learning more about early diagnostics and deep learning, specifically within Computational Health Informatics.

In my spare time, I like (read try!) to paint, bake, and play the flute.