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Henrique Aguiar

Henrique Aguiar

Henrique Aguiar

CDT Student

I was born and raised in Portugal, having pursued undergraduate studies at the University of Oxford, where I completed my Master in Mathematics from Balliol College in 2019. My Master’s thesis was on Deep Learning and studying how differential equations could be used to construct new Neural Network architectures. I have interest in a wide range of areas in theoretical Statistics and Data Science; in particular, its applications to healthcare. This includes topics such as Image Analysis, High-dimensional Statistics and Bayesian Inference. 

I am currently working with Dr. Tingting Zhu and Dr. Mauro Santos at the Computational Health Informatics Lab (IBME) developing statistical methodologies for finding interpretable clusters of hospital inpatients. I am particularly interested in chronic conditions and disease, currently looking at chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) admissions in UK hospitals.

Throughout my undergraduate degree, I had the chance to undertake internships in wealth management and Deep Learning for Image Recognition, as well as research projects in Number Theory, and both Topological Data Analysis and Statistical Machine Learning for Healthcare. 

Outside of my degree, my hobbies include music, sports and cooking; I generally find myself regularly cooking for my whole flat!