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Hang Yuan

Early Career Research Fellow

I am an Early Career Research Fellow at Oxford Population Health. My primary research interest is to understand how wearables can improve human health. Wearable devices can provide longitudinal passive monitoring of human behavior and physiology. Few other technologies can match wearable data in its length at the same level of temporal granularity. As the measurement tools improve and longer data become available, we are blessed with this gold mine that contains a huge amount of under-exploited data which could transform our understanding of human physiology and improve human health.

Main research interests:

  • How to best represent human sensing time series data using machine learning?
  • The association between device-measured behavior and human diseases.
  • How to use wearable with omics data for genomics discovery and risk prediction?

If you want to have a chat or work with me, please do get in touch. 

Visit my homepage for more of my work ;D