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Felix Karl Michael Wagner

CDT Student

I was born in Vienna and raised in a little village in the Austrian countryside. I earned a Computer Science undergraduate degree at the Vienna University of Technology. During my undergraduate programme, I focused on logical reasoning and wrote my bachelor’s thesis on a novel logic-based Machine Learning approach. After completing my undergraduate degree, I enrolled in the Data Science master’s program at the Vienna University of Technology. 

For my master’s thesis, I conducted research on Knowledge Graph Embeddings. I investigated how background knowledge, in the form of logical rules, can be incorporated into Machine Learning approaches for Knowledge Graphs. Therefore, my master’s thesis topic combined my interests in logical reasoning and Machine Learning. Beyond my academic endeavours, I have augmented my experiences in software development in the professional sphere during internships and as a freelancer. 

An interdisciplinary health project focused on identifying the causes of insomnia inspired me that my field of study enables me to tackle medical problems. This project motivated me to start my DPhil in Health Data Science. My current research interests focus on using Knowledge Graphs to combine symbolic and sub-symbolic knowledge in the medical domain. 

In my free time, I enjoy playing tennis and snowboarding. Furthermore, I am a passionate bass and guitar player.