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Dr Emma Davis

Dr Emma Davis

Emma Davis

PhD MSc MRes

Postdoctoral researcher

I am a Postdoctoral Researcher in infectious disease epidemiology working with Deirdre Hollingsworth and the Neglected Tropical Disease Modelling Consortium. My main disease of focus is currently lymphatic filariasis, a human nematode transmitted by mosquitoes that can cause permanent disability. 

I trained as a mathematician at the University of Warwick, with a dissertation in mathematical modelling of STH, before moving to Imperial College London, where I completed a MRes in Biomedical Research focusing on infectious disease epidemiology and control of malaria. I then returned to Warwick for an MSc+PhD in mathematics of real-world systems under Deirdre Hollingsworth and Matt Keeling, with a specialism in modelling for neglected tropical diseases (NTDs).

My current projects include: assessing the predicted impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on lymphatic filariasis control and elimination programs; modelling COVID-19 contact tracing for the UK; and investigating the impact of vector control (e.g. insecticide-treated bednets) on achieving the WHO 2030 goals for lymphatic filariasis and preventing resurgence.

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