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Dr Emil Jørsboe

Dr Emil Jørsboe

Emil Jørsboe


Post doctoral researcher

Dr Jørsboe's main research is focused on applying visual deep learning model to histology data to derive biologically relevant phenotypes. Then using statistical methods, to study how these phenotypes associate with genetics or epidemiological data. Emil is currently involved in two projects. The first project is studying adipose tissue histology, the focus is on understanding the genetic basis of adipocyte morphology. The second project is building a model for liver histology samples from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease patients. The aim of the model is to aid pathologists in assessing liver histology samples, giving more accurate and consistent diagnoses. 

Dr Jørsboe has a background in statistical and medical genetics, with a PhD from the University of Copenhagen. Emil worked during his PhD with genetic association studies in a Greenlandic cohort, applying statistical models that can take the high degree of relatedness and admixture into account. These results revealed a unique genetic architecture of common variants with large effect-sizes having a large impact on metabolism.