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Dr Diepreye Ayabina

Dr Diepreye Ayabina

Diepreye Ayabina


Post-doctoral research associate (neglected tropical diseases)

Diepreye is a mathematical modeller working on schistosomiasis as part of the NTD modelling consortium. Although morbidity and mortality as a result of schistosomiasis has declined over the years, effective control of schistosomiasis remains a challenge for populations living in endemic areas of the tropical and subtropical region of the world. Central to its transmission is human contact with water bodies contaminated with the larval forms of the parasitic worms released by the intermediate snail host. She models the transmission dynamics of schistosomiasis and the impact of mass drug administration to determine the treatment strategies required to control/eliminate the disease. Results from her work provide insights on the design of treatment programmes and inform policy decisions.​

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