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Christin Puthur

Christin Puthur

Research groups

Christin Puthur

Data Scientist

I am a data scientist in the Big Data and Helminth Epidemiology Research Group (Chami Group) which studies schistosomiasis epidemiology in Uganda. My role involves managing multi-dimensional data collected from the Ugandan SchistoTrack Cohort that includes survey data, images, spatio-temporal data etc. I am involved in assisting with data management, developing scripts for various tasks and performing data wrangling.

I completed an MRes degree in Data Science and Analytics for Health from the University of Leeds.  For my masters project I worked on process mining techniques to study impact of COVID-19 on hospital care pathways. Previously, I worked for a year at OIST, Japan, as a graduate student on three short rotation projects involving statistical analyses of trajectory data and the application of deep learning methods for image processing. I also hold a BS-MS degree in Physics from IISER Bhopal, India. 

In my free time I enjoy travelling and trying out new cuisines.