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Annie Browne

Geospatial Research Assistant and Doctoral Researcher

Dr Michael Chipeta

Geospatial Epidemiology Researcher

Prof Nick Day

Professor of Tropical Medicine and Global Health

Prof Christiane Dolecek

Scientific Lead

Prof Susie Dunachie

Clinical Microbiologist & Infectious Diseases Physician

Freddie Fell

Data Analyst

Dr Sean Hackett

Data Analyst

Georgina Haines-Woodhouse

Data Analyst

Lara Hartley

PA to Alan Lopez and Catrin Moore

Prof Simon Hay

Professor; Director of Research Strategy, IHME

Dr Kevin Ikuta

Clinical Fellow

Bahar Kashef Hamadani

Doctoral Researcher

Emmanuelle Kumaran

Data Analyst

Prof Alan Lopez

Director, Global Burden of Disease Group, University of Melbourne

Dr Barney McManigal

Senior Communications and Public Engagement Officer

Dr Catrin Moore

Research Group Leader

Prof Chris Murray

IHME Director; Chair, Department of Health Metrics Sciences

Prof Mohsen Naghavi

Director, Subnational Burden of Disease Estimation

Puja Rao

Senior Research Manager

Dr Gisela Robles Aguilar

Global Burden of Disease Researcher

Prof Andy Stergachis

Professor of Pharmacy and Global Health and Senior Investigator